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Greetings from the President

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Thank you for visiting our website.
Nature is used to Represent the comparison of a Symphony of Orchestra that becomes one with each characteristic and beautiful tones of various instruments.

Plants not only live on their own without the help of others, but also support the lives of other living things and play a central role in maintaining the natural world.

It is a metaphor that the World that we live in can harmoniously have mutual balance.

The Botanical Art which expresses the beauty of plants is a rare field that art and science mutually meet, the artists’s artistic inspiration of plants with scientific understanding.

Like water and oil, two completely different elements can embrace and melt into one, the botanical art can be born. More than any other field, it needs deeper inspiration and effort.

To understand and to love plants is the first step of to understand and to love the harmonious nature.
The feature of plants in the painting that the nature prepare splendid feast of flowers that nature leads to the love of plant to everyone around us.

It was the time that concrete the foundation, now is the time to high jump up

We are planning various programs for the new leap off

We ask to all the members for your enthusiastic participation and support.

Korea embraces rich nature with unique offering of plants, alongside the glorious mountains big and small, north and east, along with numerous Islands, west through and through the south.
That is why Korea is the premier country for the botanical art.

Plants can survive independently, but they also play a central role in maintaining the natural world by supporting the lives of other living creatures and contribute and their central role in maintaining the balance in the natural world.

Our association, established in November 2008, has grown remarkably over the difficulties of the early days thanks to the infinite efforts of the first president Kyung-eun Yoon and the support of the members. In addition to the increase In Membership, the artistic level of the members have also been elevated.

Once again, I wish you all the members are in good health and the continuous development put into the Botanical Artist Society of Korea.
President Sun Byung-Yun 선병윤